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Our Quality

  Panel Recruiting and Management

We liaise with wide-reach portals, special interest sites and our affiliations and associations to attain depth and diversity in our panelist profiles. Our partnerships enable us to target-recruit hard-to-reach source groups when required.

Panelists are roped in using a mix of methodologies ranging from double opt in, email, co-registration, brochure fliers to affiliate networks. Each prospect has to input demography and specialty details on our registration survey or our panel portal then pass through quality checkpoints, confirm to location specific terms and conditions, privacy policy, legal jurisdiction requirements and then confirm their email address through a double opt-in registration process.

Our panels provide our clients with actively engaged and qualified respondents who enjoy voicing their honest opinions quickly ensuring good data quality, savings on time and cost. Our panels are closed to the public and recruited through stringent recruiting processes. All panelists join through the double opt-in registration process.


  Panelist Maturity

We closely monitor the life of each panelist from recruitment, to activity level, to ongoing profiling — ensuring effectiveness and usability. Our deep panel profiling program is ongoing, and the frequency of data refreshment is dependent on the time sensitivity of the data.


  Panel Maintenance

Our panels are regularly maintained and updated to ensure engaged, responsive survey participants. Panelists are deactivated from our panel for a variety of reasons including fraudulent survey activity, Inactivity, Opt-out request, Email bounce (hard and soft).



Our panels are used solely for online healthcare market research purposes – we do not share our panelists’ personally identifiable information. We have sought and implemented localized legal recommendations in all countries where we operate healthcare panels. Our panels are compliant with all regional and national laws, wherever applicable.



To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of information, we have put in place physical, electronic and managerial procedures to help safeguard and secure the information we collect. Only authenticated users can input their information into the database system and only authorized staff and database managers are allowed to access and/or read it.

Research Aspects

Research Aspects was established in 2015, when seasoned professionals with more than 50 years of collective research experience decided to come together and set up a research company that espoused the values that all of them believed in. These values are maintaining high integrity and quality in our research delivery process, keeping a highly responsive and flexible engagement approach for our clients, and continuously innovating & improving our research processes for our clients.

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