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As part of our all-encompassing approach to healthcare research we engage with primary, secondary-care and associated healthcare professionals. As the healthcare research industry evolves there is a larger role for nurses and we cater to an increasing demand to include both hospital specialist nurses and community based nurses in our work. Then there is a diverse range of other healthcare practitioners to which the industry now also needs to turn its attention such as pharmacists (both hospital and retail) and dieticians.


It is observed that healthcare companies can no longer focus their attention solely on the healthcare practitioner or the patient. There is a critical group of decision makers which is a part of various local and national structures that needs to be included in any well considered sales and marketing strategy. These are often referred to collectively as ‘payors’. It is also important to collect views of other key influencers such as ‘Directors of Public Health’.

At Research Aspects we have a descript access to these types of professional and this helps us gain exclusive knowledge efficiently and confidently.


Patients are perceived to be at the cynosure of all healthcare strategy as they are now highly educated about treatment options as compared to the past and are now forthright in expressing their opinions and influencing the options that are offered to them.

In critical or specific cases, where the patient is not able to voice out his/her opinion, the care givers become the focal point of attention for the healthcare research initiatives. At Research Aspects we provide unparalleled ability to access sufferers of high and low prevalence diseases across a vast geography.

Our network or sources has access to patients and caregivers through crystallized relationships with patient associations. This helps us to recruit them quickly and efficiently.

Research Aspects

Research Aspects was established in 2014, when seasoned professionals with more than 50 years of collective research experience decided to come together and set up a research company that espoused the values that all of them believed in. These values are maintaining high integrity and quality in our research delivery process, keeping a highly responsive and flexible engagement approach for our clients, and continuously innovating & improving our research processes for our clients.

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